How to do I create a PDF document that cannot be edited or saved?

You may restrict the usage of a PDF file by either certifying a document or by setting a password.

To Certify your PDF document:

  • Under the security tab, click "Certify" and drag a box onto the PDF file. A window will pop up with additional parameters
  • Select the entity signing the document from the drop down. If you do not have any, you may create a digital ID in the Security tab by pressing the "My Digital IDs" Button
  • Select the reasons for signing the document as well as the restrictions you wish to apply to the document.

To set a password to your document:

  • In the "Security" tab, press the "Password Security" button.
  • Enter an encyption level, and an "open" password. 
  • Set the permissions/restrictions associated with opening the PDF file using the password.


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