How do I insert and delete pages of an existing PDF document?

To insert a blank page within PDF Pro 10:

  • Open your PDF file
  • Open the Insert & Edit Tab, and click insert
  • In the popup, select the dimension of the page you wish to insert, as well as how many blank pages as well as their orientation (portrait or landscape).

To import pages from one PDF file to the PDF file you are currently working on:

  • Open the "Insert & Edit" tab, and click on import, under the pages section
  • Select the PDF file you wish to import from, specify the range of pages you wish to import, as well as where to insert them on the current PDF file.

If you are looking to delete pages in your PDF document:

  • Click on the "Insert & Edit" tab and click Delete under the pages section
  • Specify the pages you wish to delete.


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