How is the product delivered? How long will I have to wait to get PDF Pro 10?

PDF Pro 10 is a downloadable software product. This means that you have to download the file on to your computer. Today, the file size is around 30MB and this should take no longer than 5 minutes to download using a broadband internet connection.The file that you download onto your computer is typically the trial version of PDF Pro 10.

Digital Download

When you purchase PDF Pro 10, you are purchasing a license key (or serial number - the terms are used interchangeably) that activates the full version of the product. The license key is delivered in two ways. Immediately after purchase, you will see a license key on your screen and this identical key will also be emailed to you simultaneously (using the email address you provided on the checkout page). If you input this license key into the product, you will activate the full version of PDF Pro 10. This entire process (downloading the file and purchasing the file) usually takes no longer than 10 minutes. Thus you can immediately start working with PDF files following purchase. If you have not received your license key following purchase or are having trouble downloading the PDF Pro 10 file, please contact us.

Backup CD

If you choose to purchase a Backup CD (whereby we deliver a CD with the executable and license key to you for safekeeping) you should receive it within 3-4 weeks of purchase. We have two fulfillment centers, one in the United States and one in the EU. Customers in the Middle East, Asia and Africa should expect to wait at least another week to receive the CD. If you do not receive the CD within the specified time frame, please contact us and we will follow up on its status internally. 


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